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Wallet: Just the Essentials: Brown

Wallet: Just the Essentials: Brown

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I have been using this wallet since we discovered them seven years ago. Wallets can be dangerous! If they become filled with stuff and too big to sit on comfortably, they become a literal pain in arse. The obvious solution is to remove the clutter...but then it just reappears a few weeks later.

The solution? A wallet small enough to limit you to a few ID cards, bank/credit cards and maybe some cash.

That's what our Just the Essentials wallet does. With two sleeves to separate your cards and a bill clip for those who like to carry cash, you can't over carry even if you tried. You can even just put it in your jersey pocket or a seat bag when you ride without worrying about it slowing you down. Now you have no excuses. Get rid of that brick in your back pocket. You're welcome :)

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