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Vintage 5-Speed Maillard Freewheel

Vintage 5-Speed Maillard Freewheel

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This is your classic Maillard, Made in France freewheel common on Mericier and Peugeot road bikes of 1980’s vintage.

This freewheel was given the spa treatment: Completely disassembled, throughly cleaned and reassembled with fresh grease on bearings and oil on pawls.

The teeth are still nice and flat/square so there are many more miles left to be ridden on this block. 

If you have a vintage French bicycle that still sees lots of miles, why not treat yourself to smooth, new to you, set of cogs for better performance?

Notes: This is a French threaded hub. It will not fit on Shimano or other non-French threaded hub. Freewheel Remover tool shown in picture is NOT included.

  • Cogs: 14-17-20-24-28T
  • Threading: French 25.4 TPI
  • Drive train: Friction
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Removal: Requires 24 spline Normandy/ French freewheel remover for Normandy, Maillard, Sachs, Schwinn, Peugeot freewheels made c. 1960-1980.


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