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Recycled Inner Tube Rubber Bands

Recycled Inner Tube Rubber Bands

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Let’s talk Rubber Bands. You know those yellow “elastic” bands don’t last. They break easily and are purpose made using virgin materials.

Well now you have an alternative! These inner tube rubber bands are upcycled/ recycled from used inner tubes. They are hand cut using scissors or pinking shears (for that tire tread look) and they are tough!

They are awesome for keeping bundles of little things (pencils, cards, etc.) together. They are the size of inner tubes (duh) so not that big. But they are stretchy and give quite a squeeze.

What a great gift for all your sustainability minded friends. And if you are the top dog leading a environmentally conscientious pack of zealots and looking for something to hand out, this is it! Also a great idea for wedding favours or swag bags to express your bicycling and/or recycling values! 

Cheaper than a dozen donuts and zero calories! Ha! Great for flicking at colleagues too! 

 If you would like to purchase bands in bulk (not bagged) please send us an email. We would be happy to work with you to supply rubber bands for your business or project!

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