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Stabilizer Straps for Vintage Handle Bar Bag

Stabilizer Straps for Vintage Handle Bar Bag

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I'm sure you could make these or modifying bungees might work, but if you're looking to keep things original these straps for a Vintage Handle-Bar Bag are what you're looking for. Sometimes we get bikes with accessories that are beyond further use. Nonetheless we try to save whatever we can. I know I often go looking for things thinking "someone out there must have a set of these they no longer need!" Well today we are your someone.

The elastic bungee on these straps are in excellent condition. There is no fatigue.


  • Total length: 18"
  • Nylon webbing: 13"
  • Bungee loop length (relaxed): 5"
  • Bungee loop stretch range: 5-9"
  • Steel hooks
  • Black

 I was trying to find a picture through Google and Pinterest, but was unsuccessful! Then I thought, if you opened the page, you probably know what you're looking for...

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