Shimano Positron II (Positron 2) Shifter Cables


If you are looking to restore a bicycle with its original Positron Rear Derailleur, not just any cable will do.  Most notable is the Positron II cable which is a rigid wire enclosed in a full length housing and allows the shifter to push and pull the derailleur into position. This is Shimano Genuine part.  The black housing measures 145 cm (57") and the inner cable measures 152.5 cm (60"). The white housing measures 150 cm (60") and the inner cable measure 162 cm (64").
While you are here, check out these Positron II Cable Clamps. They are in excellent condition and will protect you cable by keeping it firmly in place without compressing it. Only one available.
The earlier Positron Derailleurs uses one flexible cable that loops around the derailleur and pulls in opposite directions to either shift up or down and place the derailleur into gear.  Positron I cables are flexible but made specifically for Positron I derailleur/shifters. Positron I cable housing is a two track housing. Positron I cables are purchased as housing and cable separately. This is an after-market item. Please specify length of housing when purchasing.