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Recycled Bicycle Chain Key Chain: Root Beer Swirl

Recycled Bicycle Chain Key Chain: Root Beer Swirl

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Each keychain is made from a length of recycled bicycle chain, a chain bushing and a small and large split ring (the large one for holding your keys). The focal point is a glass marble that fits tightly in the centre. The size of the marble prevents it from falling out. The chain will likely show some wear which only adds to the aesthetic of the item.

> Key ring is 1" (25mm)
> Width of fob is 1 3/8" (35mm) wide
> Chain: TAYA narrow SILVER Link. Meticulously cleaned (see below)
> Marble: Transparent root beer colour with white swirl
> No adhesives or or other forms of fastening were used

These make a great little gift for anyone who owns a bicycle! Not only does it do a great job at keeping your keys together, it also make a great worry stone.

Although significant time is spent cleaning and polishing, these are made from well worn old chains. They will show some wear, pitting and other sign of use. The marbles also have small pits and irregularities. Both of which are only slightly visible under close inspection. Using new materials just wouldn't be cool!

Useless fact: Did you know that marbles, although appearing to be the same size, do differ in diameter? I get these marbles from a collector who has over 100,000! Yet, each visit only yields a handful that fit tightly in the centre of the closed links. Now you know :)
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