Raleigh Bronze-Green Touch-up Paint (65ml)


There is probably not a more identifiable bicycle paint colour than vintage Raleigh Bronze-Green.  Ok, well maybe Bianchi Celeste gets more attention, but Raleigh Green is just so...hard to duplicate! That is why we spent a fair bit of time tracking down, mixing and testing paint colours to find the perfect match. In reality there is always a number of variations (think batch mixing) of a single paint colour that are nearly imperceptible to the eye. Raleigh Bronze-Green is no different. So we tried to hit the middle of the spectrum so whatever the paint used on your bicycle, ours will match it pretty darn close. So close, you won't even believe what I wrote about "variation in batch mixing"...thinking to yourself, "does this guy even know what he is talking about?"

The real question is: Which part of the bicycle in the photos provided was repainted?

  1. the fender
  2. the frame
  3. the fork

Most bicycles of this vintage require a few touch ups.  Now there is no excuse not to!

This paint is ready to use and contain an acrylic binder for good adhesion.  There are lots of sites available to help with touching up your paint, but the key is good preparation. Remove any rust with fine sandpaper or steel wool avoiding the surrounding paint.  I use a weak phosphoric acid solution to neutralize any "invisible" rust. Then clean the surface with alcohol and apply touch-up paint.

April 21, 2017:  Unfortunately the price of paint has increased dramatically.  As a result we needed to increase the price of this item.  I do apologize.

Note: The Raleigh Bronze-Green I speak of is associated more with "Made in Canada" Raleighs than British made Raleighs.