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Books - Just Ride by Grant Peterson

Books - Just Ride by Grant Peterson

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I think some people are intimidated by bicycling. They see brightly coloured road cyclists whizzing past and think this is the bench mark of cycling. It’s like we have been brainwashed to see the bicycle as an instrument of extreme fitness. Grant Peterson has the antidote in “Just Ride”.

Peterson is the saviour of practical bikes and practical bicycling. His curriculum vitae backs that up. Forget specialized clothes, bikes that mimic the latest trend in competitive cycling and trying to set personal speed and distance records. Just Ride!

It’s ironic that many purchase a bike with the purpose to “get in shape”. The bicycle was not intended to be a fitness device. It was designed for travel and recreation. However, If you use it for just that, you may develop a strange side effect: better health.

Just Ride is a manifesto. It’s everything you need to know to change how you think about the bicycle. And this, I believe, is really what needs to happen for people to ride more.  

I liked this book so much I thought you might too. So I found the publisher and bought a bunch. If you want to ride your bike more, or start riding or bike again, or just love cycling, you need to read this book.

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