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Bag - EVO E-Cargo TB Day Tripper Handlebar Bag

Bag - EVO E-Cargo TB Day Tripper Handlebar Bag

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This is the perfect little bag to take with you on a day trip as the name suggests. It has many of the features of larger bags intended for multi-day rides. To start, it has a sturdy quick release feature that looks you bag securely in place while on the bike and detaches with a snap when you stop. It has two compartments, the main slightly larger one and a front one about a third of the size. The front one could be designated to carry a spare tube and a few other emergency essentials while the main one can hold snacks, wallet and other day trip essentials. It has a map pocket that opens at one end sewn to the front and covers the top of the back. It could a so carry your phone, but I would employ a binder clip at the open end if that was the case. A small mesh pocket on either side and a reflective strip across the front are additional features.

My favourite aspect of these bags is that with the included shoulder strap in combination with the quick release, you can pop this bag off from the front of you bike and take it with you into the cafe and keep your personal belonging safe and close by!

  • Made of 600D woven polyester
  • Transparent map sleeve for map or phone
  • Quick release handlebar mount for easy on and off attachement
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Reflective strip on front for additional safety
  • Measures 25.4 x 23.4 x 19.1 cm (10 x 9.2 x 7.5 in)


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