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Saddle - Cionlli Vintage Style Comfort Saddle

Saddle - Cionlli Vintage Style Comfort Saddle

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If you are in the process of restoring a vintage bicycle and want to upgrade your saddle, this Cionlli Comfort saddle may be the perfect choice; especially along side a set of our FreeLander leather handle bar grips in Light Brown! Highly textured cover design prevents slipping while coil springs and high density inner padding provides comfort. Not a seat for long hours in the saddle, but ideally suited for someone who uses their bicycle to commute or run errands. The flower print and embossing just adds character.

  • Size: 245 x 212 mm (L x W)
  • Rails: Coiled Steel Springs
  • Weight: ~740g
  • Includes saddle-to-post clamp
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