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Books - Everyday Bicycling (Elly Blue, Microcosm Publishing)

Books - Everyday Bicycling (Elly Blue, Microcosm Publishing)

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Another wonderful little book on Everyday Bicycling! This is what bicycling was meant to be. Unfortunately many associate bicycling with the type of cycling done by lycra clad groups going 30km/hr trying to get fit or live out their Tour de France dreams on home soil. And that is all good...just not for everyone.

Welcome to the other side of bicycling. The go slow, enjoy the ride and have fun doing it crowd. Fitness is not a goal but a byproduct.

If you're interesting in cycling for pleasure and utility, books like Everyday Bicycling is what you're after. It even has an endorsement from Jan Heine!

Elly Blue is a prolific writer on the subject of bicycling and issues of social justice and publishes under her own imprint of Microcosm Publishing. Learn more at

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