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Bicycle Inner Tubes

Bicycle Inner Tubes

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It's better for the environment to patch a leaky tube.  But when there are more patches that original rubber you may need a new one.  Just in case you want to add one to your order...we have them. Although we do carry the more common 26" and 700c sizes, we specialize in the harder to find vintage sizes.  Brands do vary but most of our inventory is CYT (ChaoYang), Kenda, Rubena (Mitas) or Schwalbe.  Please see the above selection for a complete list and any notes below for specific tube "models".

  • 26 x 1 3/8 Schrader (37-590) Kenda Thorn Resistant: This tube is super heavy and thick. On first glance you may think you can ride it without a tire (we don't recommend that).
  • 26 x 1-1/8-1-3/4 Schrader (40mm) AV12 Schwalbe: This tube has a long list of suitable sizes (in ERTRO/ISO measurements) on the box. Which makes be think some (many?) tube sizes can be interchanged. If Schwalbe says it's so, there is a good chance they're right! Like using a 700c tube on a 27" wheel and vice versa. Always best to get the size specific tube for your bike when available however. 
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