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Banjo Brothers

BAG - Banjo Brothers Grocery Bag

BAG - Banjo Brothers Grocery Bag

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This simple and rugged bag is designed specifically for markets and grocery shopping.

From the Banjo Brother...

[This bag] is sized to fit a standard brown paper grocery bag. The open-top design allows you to carry a wide variety of loads. Sturdy steel internal frame. This is best-made, value-priced grocery bag, or grocery pannier on the market. This bag will revolutionize the way you use your bike. Turns an ordinary bicycle with a rack into an "errand-crushing machine." Get groceries,  bring the kids to the beach, go on a picnic with your sweetie. This bag can help you do it all. 1100 cubic inches (13″ L x 8″ W x 11.5″ H). This pannier fits standard grocery bags like a glove. It works equally well with plastic bags, or even by itself with the built-in shoulder strap (See variant note below). Panniers fold flat when you aren’t carrying your dinner and are built to last!

VARIANT NOTE: One of these bags sadly lost its shoulder strap so is being sold at a discount.

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