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Hubs - ATOM Hub Set '76

Hubs - ATOM Hub Set '76

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This is a very nice pair of Vintage Atom Hubs.  .

All of our vintage parts have been disassembled, cleaned, inspected, polished and reassembled with lubricants. These hubs have been repacked with marine wheel bearing grease. The rear bearings were still in excellent shape and reused. The front hub bearings have been replaced with new bearings. They are ready to be laced to a rim.

The front hub currently has a matching set of Huret wing nuts and the rear has one Huret and one Marcel/Luxe. These often are sold separately and are reflected in the price. If you would like the hubs sans la wing-nuts, just send an email.

Rear hub:

  • 36H
  • Nutted (see above)
  • Over Locknut Dimension: 121.2mm (Spec: 120mm)
  • Hub Flange Diameter: ~44.0 mm
  • Hub Flange Spacing: ~ 58.4
  • Stamping: (P 20 76)
  • Free wheel threading: English/ISO: 1.375 x 24 TPI

Front Hub:

  • 36H
  • Nutted (see above)
  • Over Locknut Dimension: ~95.0mm (Spec: 95mm)
  • Hub Flange Diameter: ~34.6mm
  • Hub Flange Spacing: ~71.0
  • Stamping: (P 20 76)
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