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559 - ChaoYang - (57-559) 26 x 2.2125") WHITE Wall Tire

559 - ChaoYang - (57-559) 26 x 2.2125") WHITE Wall Tire

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In the movie Cars when Lightening McQueen asks Luigi for the "best set of black walls you got", Luigi replies with disdain: "Black wall tires, they blend into the pavement,...These white wall tires say, 'Look at me, here I am, lovvvve me!'"

Yup. That's what they say. Along with I'm a cool classic bicycle owner with an eye for the authentic and classy. Isn't that what you want to say?

This tire will fit modern "retro" looking bikes, Beach Cruisers, and standard mountain bikes. But always check the size of your existing tires first. There is more variation in bicycle tire size than there are changes to the weather forecast in Nova Scotia.
These are a wide tire and fender clearance could be an issue on bikes with smaller tires. However if your bike has what you would consider a wide tire now, they should fit. As for the term "Balloon" tire, these fit the bill. Most tires over 50mm would be considered balloon tires but some of the wider ballon tires can be 60mm or wider. I hope that was helpful!
  • ETRTO: 57-559
  • Size: 26 x 2.15
  • Wire Bead
  • Color: White Wall
  • PSI: MAX 540 psi
Tire Shipping:  Due to shipping cost calculation methods we choose to to ship our tires folded to reduce the shipping costs for our customers. This does not harm the tire in any way. If you prefer to have your tires shipped "round", at an extra cost, please let us know at time of ordering.
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