The Wheel Thing...Tires, etc.

This is where we keep all the things you need to keep your wheels turning.

What's a bicycle without wheels? An icicle! That's so bad..forget I said that!

But without wheels, and the proper ones, your bicycle may never see service. Tires may be the foremost in your mind when servicing your bike, and rightly so. Good tires, of the correct size, make all the difference in comfort, handling, safety and of course the look. If you ride on the more common size wheels, you should have no trouble finding tires (unless you're living through a pandemic then even common sizes are even hard to find). If you ride a vintage tire size, then it can be very difficult to source the right tire or even know the correct tire size for your bike...the are many! Manufacturers are decreasing and/or eliminating their production of legacy tire sizes. And if you want to keep the original look by choosing white-walls, it can be almost impossible to find what you're looking for. That's where we come in. We are always looking for new sources of legacy tire sizes. Hopefully we have what you're looking for. If not, send us an email and you never know if one of our suppliers may have that size. 

We also carry a section of new and used hubs, wheels (and wheel sets), rims and a selection of new tubes.

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