Rest, Relax & Restore

I am all about riding as often as you can and winter is no exception. I do however, understand that winter riding is something you need to work up to. There is weather, safety, bicycle preparation and clothing choices to consider.  Maybe you are more of a spring through fall rider.  That just means that now, the "off season", is the perfect time to rest and relax and think about Your perfect bicycle.  It may be the one you already own, or may be a bicycle that was your Mother's or Father's or belonged to someone you simply admired.  There are many reasons to have it restored and make it your own. And now is the time to have it done!   If you like that idea but are not sure where to start check out our Bicycle Restoration Options or Vintage vs Modern found at Lovely Bicycle.  We also have a selection of restored bicycles ready to go!

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