The Ecology of Bicycling

Ecology is seldom associated with how we live our lives. However the manner in which we relate to each other, our natural environment and the non-living, man-made implements of our lives, is what ecology is all about. The choices we make do and will affect us, both now and in the future.

Old Bicycles"Bicycles represent the confluence of fiscal, environmental and social responsibility. They embody what we must do to live well in the 21st century. But beyond buying and riding a bicycle there is much more to consider. Is there a better way to buy a bicycle? Is there more I can do on and with my bicycle? Are there materials that are better than others to choose from.  Can style, function and environmental stewardship be acquired for less...less money, less impact and less effort." 

There were two events that put us on this path to a healthy bicycle ecology.  The first was The Story of Stuff. This brought the ubiquity of consumerism home. The second was the number of discarded bicycles I was witnessing at landfills. You need to see both.

By no means do we have this figured out. Like studying any ecology, there are too many variables to safely conclude anything at this time. However, I think we may be on the right path.  By restoring existing bicycles, choosing products made of natural materials when possible, up-cycling items that no longer serve their intended purpose, supporting the local economy and those of our near and distant neighbours with similar ideas and products; all these choices will make bicycling better for everyone.

We hope what you find at, and at the markets we attend, will allow you to be the bicycle ecologist the world needs more of.

Take care,