About FreeLander Bicycles

If you're like me you want to live better, enjoy more and make a difference somehow. The only obstacle to doing it is…well, doing it! It isn’t easy. Our responsibilities and commitments eat away at our intentions.

And like me, maybe you thought that buying the newest and coolest equipment, clothing and accessories would grant you all the rights of happiness and health. It doesn’t.

Doing things should precede buying things, not the other way around. If you want to live better ride your bicycle, the one you already own (get it fixed first if you have to)!  Start today.

And if your bicycle was built before the Oilers started winning Stanley Cups, even better. It has history and character and was built tough for everyday riding. Once reacquainted, you may notice your bicycle needs a few replacement parts or maybe a complete restoration. We can help you with that.

Then when you discover that you need, not want, a basket to make your day more enjoyable and productive, we can help you with that too.

We offer you good things. Well made and fairly priced. I am sure you can find more expensive versions of our products out there, but will they get you any closer to living better?

FreeLander is about living better, easier…happier.  Using what you have, adding what you need. It is about showing your unique character and values. Whether it is a second-hand wool sweater from a thrift store or a new House-of-Talents hand woven, fair trade bicycle basket from us, it needs to work well and reflect your values.

 Break free from what mainstream marketing has been telling you. 

Be the person, the bicyclist, you already are.