Earring: Velo a Trois Roues


This earring is made from the "rollers" sandwiched between the links of a chain. Since the links are use in the Seasonal Earring Series, we are left with a lot of rollers! We called it Velo a Trois Roues because Three Wheeled Bicycle was the best we could come up with and it sounds so much cooler in French!

Each earring is handmade from a three bicycle chain link rollers. These earrings measure 50 mm (2") from the arc of the fish hook ear wire to the end of the third roller. The findings (hooks, wires, etc.) are nickel free.

As these are hand made from up cycled bicycle parts, each pair will vary sightly. (e.g the brand of bicycle chain may vary, slight 2-5mm variation in length of a pair, etc.)