My New Years Day Plans

New Years “Resolutions”?…Walk, don’t run…coasting is even better!

Yup! Here we go again. Another New Year, a “fresh start”, time to get to work on those dreams and abs. Einstein is credited as saying “Insanity is the idea that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. But I’m not suggesting your plans are insane, just misled.

Why we think January 1st is the day everything in our lives will change is likely due to marketing campaigns by those who have the most to gain: Retailers. But you can research that for yourself.

What is the evidence your experience has afforded you? Did you succeed at your 2023 resolutions? If so, great. I’m guessing you are one of the minority. There is a lot of stress associated with keeping resolutions and a lot of self-flagellation associated with not keeping them. If you weren’t “successful”, maybe this year what you need is a different strategy? What were are talking about is a lifestyle change!

Resolution vs Lifestyle Change

Is winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) really the best time to be attempting a major change? Are major changes even the way to go? Winter is a time of rest and reflection. We can’t ignore our biology in all of this. Our bodies and minds need rest, daily, seasonally, yearly. The problem is we have lost our patience. We want results today (or yesterday). I hate to break it to you…it doesn’t work that way.

So this year, forget January 1st. You have a year (if that is your time line) to make it happen. Take the winter to plan, try some new things, develop some habits, daydream a little. Do it slowly, one small change at a time. Build momentum. Let’s try that. And remember that not everyday is going to go as planned…but each day is a new day. Let's see where that gets you.

New Year's Day Plans

Oh, and since this is a bicycle blog and not a self help blog (most of the time), I’ll suggest, getting back to riding your bike as one of those things you can think and dream about this winter. Start planning to get a bike, maybe the one you already have, road worthy. Think of a weekend ride to a coffee shop and plan the route you’ll take. Then plan how you may use it to run errands or ride to work. Then think about planning a weekend to a part of the province where you can ride your bike and take in the scenery, food, culture and feel incredible doing it!

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