December Wishes

Finally December is here.  There are few non-holidays that get my kids as excited as December 1st.  It is the date that assures them that Christmas is getting close. It is also the day that our Elf on the Shelf, Criddle, returns to keep an eye on them while Santa is busy fulfilling the Christmas list they made in October.

I also get to share in the excitement of the season as I travel to markets through Northern Nova Scotia and Halifax.  I am there to make sure that those buying for bicyclists have something fun, practical or unique to choose from that can’t be found in their Local Bike Shop. It is also great that in an age of overconsumption, many of the products we offer are practical and have been up-cycled or recycled.  Our Belts are made from discarded tires and our Bicycle Taxidermy keeps even more material, like seats and handle bars, out of our landfills. And of course our Bicycles are the epitome of buying and living green. 

And when a purchase you make help others, it doubles the giving.  That is how I feel when someone chooses one of our House of Talents Hand Woven Bicycle Baskets.  The baskets are handwoven from a tropical grass called elephant grass or veta vera. Asungtaba (the name given to the collection of baskets) means “helping each other succeed” in Frafra, the language of the community of weavers in Ghana where they are made. Thanks to the success of these baskets, House of Talents’ has been able to ensure that all the basket weavers receive health care as well as dramatically and sustainably increasing their household income. Now that is truly Giving!

I too have a wish list. Not a long one and with only a few items that can be bought since Christmas is really about family. But since this is a bicycling blog, I need to share my hopes for Christmas morning.  As any winter bicycle commuter knows, driving home in an unexpected snow or ice storm can be uncomfortable if you are not prepared for it. Currently the only piece of armour I am missing is something to shield my thighs from the elements.  However I would rather get wet than ride in rain pants. But my heart soared when I discovered RainLegs! I am hoping these are the answer to my quest and that Santa reads FreeLander’s Bicycle Blog.

And to help you buy for the bicyclist on your list we have lowered our prices on everything by 15%.  No exceptions! We want you to experience the joy of giving and receiving this season.  But more importantly we want you to ride your bicycle and live the life you’ve imagined. The sale runs from December 1-24 with guaranteed shipping if ordered by December 14th.  Just use the Discount Code “2014Sale!”. If you live in our region, there may be other ways to insure your purchase gets in Santa’s sack before Christmas Eve. 

Wishing Everyone a wonderful December of bicycle riding and a joyous Holiday season!

Take care,


FreeLander Bicycles

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