We're OPEN!

We've made it and so have you!  Our new and improved shop is now open.  We have been busy restoring bicycles, making leather handle bar grips and other really cool, practical up-cyled bicycle accessories.  We want this to be one of the first places you think of when needing something to inspire you to ride more.  Bicycles are more than a way to get around.  They are a statement of your values and lifestyle.

I'm honestly not sure what direction this blog will take.  I envision it being quite eclectic.  Since I love to fix old bicycles, which means encountering new mechanical challenges each time I hang a bike from the ceiling, there will surely be technical posts. Since my preferred bicycle ride occurs over several days and nights, I suspect there will be the occasional series of touring items. There will likely be musings on nature, commuting, economics, lifestyle and current events.  Yes, eclectic.

At then end of the day, we hope that the products and posts you find here will contribute in a positive way to your bicycling lifestyle.

If you have any questions or comments whatsoever, please fill us in.

Thanks and take care,



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