Bovidae sp. (ox) - SOLD!


The taxonomy of this species is unknown. It was discovered (posthumously) along a fence near a farm. From what remains the animal looks to have been a domestic cattle species. The nose-ring and shape of the head suggest it may have been an ox used for ploughing. The shape of the horns is unique for domestic cattle and therefore the exact breed is not discernible from the skull. These remains...remain a mystery!

Being in the bicycle restoration business there is no shortage of surplus parts. Bicycle taxidermy is a cool way to keep parts out of the landfill while showing off your paleo-bicycle coolness. A wonderful conversation piece that also speaks to your bicycling addiction and environmental consciousness.

  • made from up-cycled bicycle saddle and handlebars
  • mounted on a beautiful hardwood 5/8" thick plaque
  • measures 24.0" (61cm) across horns and 12" (30.5cm) top to bottom and 4.75" (11.5cm) deep
  • stained for beauty and protection
  • new sturdy hardware used in mounting

The seat is from a 1970s vintage bicycle and the handlebar from a similar vintage coaster bicycle.  A set of freelancer genuine leather grips with black polyester lace were used to make the "harness".

Note to Buyer: Bicycle taxidermy is created from used bicycle parts. Each piece is different.  Buyers should expect some small chips, scratches, tears and/or rust. Any significant damage to the parts will be noted in the description.  Pictures are reflective of the actual condition.