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Shifter - Positron - Vintage Shimano Positron AX Top Tube Shifters

Shifter - Positron - Vintage Shimano Positron AX Top Tube Shifters

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These shifters were but an early attempt at aerodynamic index shift levers by Shimano. Positron was Shimano's first indexed derailleur series but used an indexed derailleur instead of the indexed shifters of more modern designs. Since it was the Positron derailleur that indexed, these are actually friction shifters and can be used as such. Included is a down tube cable guide.  After passing through the shift levers, the cables were directed to the down tube where they travel through two guides to direct them towards the bottom bracket and onward from there. They are a true curiosity of bicycle engineering history and very rare.

  • Year of Manufacture: 1981
  • Model Number: SL-AX10
  • Resin Levers
  • Zinc and steel body clamp
  • 1" (25.4mm) clamp
  • Friction
  • Use Standard derailleur cables
  • Cable guide clamp included
  • Condition: Shifters: Good. Clamp did have significant rust.

All of our vintage parts have been disassembled, cleaned, inspected, polished and reassembled with lubricants.

If you are looking for more Positron parts, we do stock Positron I and II cables here.


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