Vintage Middlemore B89N MK II Bicycle Saddle


This is the most beautiful and uncomfortable saddle I have ever sat my arse on :) I bought this saddle in the hope it would convert me into a leather saddle rider. Wrong! There is a significant metal undercarriage supporting the leather contributing to its stiffness. The B89N (Narrow) was granted a patent for the nose-piece tensioning design. The patent number is clearly stamped on the left metal nose stiffener (Prov. Pat. 20242/60). Others have had a similar experience with attempts to break in this saddle. Maybe you have a beautiful museum piece that needs a leather saddle or you know of a magic spell with which to soften this leather.

It’s value may be in the fact that these saddles are relatively rare (if not comfortable) and make a nice addition to a collection of vintage saddles. if you know more about these saddles, please send an email to educate me on the history, etc.

The other oddity of this saddle is the rails do not seem to run perfectly parallel which means a conventional steel clamp does not fit perfectly, or maybe it’s just me again.

There is one small crack in the name badge near the rivet at the back of the saddle and one side rivet has some rust that could not be removed. There are a few small dents in the surface of the leather. All reflected in pictures included.

There is an interesting history of the Middlemore company found here

Size: 280 x 160 mm
Rail: Steel
Weight: ~700 grams (incl. clamp)