Seat Post Bolt Rear Cable Hanger (Tektro 1266A)


My favourite style of brake is the cantilever.  I much prefer them over less expensive linear pull V-brakes. However if you want to make the swap (or from calliper brakes too,) you'll need cable hangers.  These little devices provide a spot for the cable housing to stop securely and allow the cable to travel to the centre line of the transverse cable connecting the two sides. You can't have cantilevers without them.

This is the simplest design, least expensive and easiest to install of the rear cable hangers we have. To install, remove the seat post bolt/pin and reinsert it through the hole on the hanger as it passes from one side to the other.  Your seat post bolt or clamp must be able to accommodate the hanger to work, else you may need our Tektro Seat Post CLAMP Model.