ReCycled Bicycle Tire Belt


Maybe the coolest thing about these belts is in fact their coolness. Each is an original and a conversation piece that speaks to both your bicycling way of life and contribution to a greener world. Well done!

Each one is made from a bicycle tire destined for the landfill. Where possible we use re-cycled buckles from traditional belts collected from a variety of sources. Each tire has been cut to give the best tread exposure, then cleaned and assembled using Chicago bolts (as opposed to rivets). This will allow the owner to swap buckles at a later date if so desired. Bicycle tire belts are very comfortable, pass easily through belt loops and have just a little stretch.

There are 12 holes spaced ~1" (25mm) apart on most belts to give lots of adjustment options. Do measure an existing belt to compare lengths to be sure this is the right size for you or the person you are buying for; the very person who is so lucky to know you and be on the receiving end of your good taste in accessories!

We move so many belts that we soon realized it was pointless to list them here. We'd list them one day, and the next they are sold from another channel (usually markets). So we decided to let you tell us what you want. Send us an email (or use the contact form) to let us know the style (mountain or road tread; wide e.g. 1.5-2" or narrow 1") that you prefer and we will reply with a selection of belts to choose from.  Happy Shopping!

If you are visiting us from Facebook you can message us and arrange for local pickup or delivery.