Recycled Bicycle Earrings: Dove


The Dove was chosen to celebrate the month of December, a time when Peace, Family and Winter are foremost in one's mind. It's a familiar symbol recognized world-wide. These earrings not only reflect your great sense of style, but your values, including an environmental conscience and maybe your love of bicycles! Even if you're not Irish, you can share in the great traditions of Irish culture. Slàinte! Regardless of what you do or celebrate during December, these earrings are a year-round reminder that we need more Peace. Salam, Shalom, Shanti, He Ping, Paco, Wôntônkóde, Paz, Peace!

This style includes a stainless steel fishhook ear wire and jump rings. The Dove is from recycled bicycle inner tube and the link is from a used chain. Please Note: The links show signs of normal chain wear. They have been thoroughly cleaned and polished. We do not use new chain links unless they are left over from an install...if we only used new links, then it just wouldn't jive with our mission :) Therefore, the pair you purchase may differ slightly from those shown. Each earring has a 4mm Swarovski Xillion Bicone ice-blue glass bead to match the theme for each month.

We take the same meticulous approach to making things as we do with our vintage bicycle restorations. These earrings were the result of the desire to use more of the materials we normally discard in our business. We also wanted to make something meaningful and fun; more than just another recycled bicycle earring. Something that spoke to an occasion or obsession. 

Shipping Included!

We have 12 different styles to reflect different monthly themes. Stay tuned for more!