Look PP65 First Generation Clipless Pedals 1984

$100.00 $125.00

Behold! An original, First Generation set of NEW (NOS) Look Clipless Pedals!! These are in the original box with original installation instructions and shoe template.

I don't need to go into a lot of detail about the historical significance of these pedals. I suspect if you are reading this far, you may have owned a set or been involved  in cycling when they first were introduced in 1984. If not, you can read a little about this pedal and it's history from Cycling Weekly. The Cyclist also has a short article on this "game-changer" piece of technology.

I'm thinking these would make a great conversation piece displayed in the "cycle-cave" of someone who collects vintage bicycle technology. Or someone who is restoring a vintage high-end road frame to original spec. Maybe Bernard Hinault is interested :)