Bicycle Taxidermy - Ram - SOLD!


Being in the bicycle restoration business there is no shortage of surplus parts. Bicycle taxidermy is a cool way to keep parts out of the landfill while showing off your paleo-bicycle coolness.  A wonderful conversation piece that speaks to your bicycling addiction and environmental consciousness.

  • made from up-cycled bicycle saddle and handlebars
  • mounted on a beautiful hardwood 5/8" thick plaque
  • measures 17" (~43cm) across horns and 14" (~36cm) tall
  • stained (Olde Maple) and polyurethaned for beauty and protection
  • new sturdy hardware used in mounting
  • polished, spent 16 gauge shotgun shell casing used for bar end plugs
  • the Ram has a Selle Royal saddle and drop style bar; the "grips" are shellaced cloth tape with decorative hemp seizing
  • include wooden plugs and screws for mounting; If using as a bicycle hanger, be sure to mount to a framing stud