c. 1980 Canadian Tire SuperCycle 10 Speed

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My Personal: Why I am right for you ;)

I was around for the release of Windows 1.0. I am not like all the others. I come with cool flat aluminum fenders, a kickstand and character. I have been upgraded to include new tires, an index shifter and new derailleur. But I am true to my roots; an original 10 speed. I am almost 30 which in bicycle years means I’m vintage! You will never find another me. I am looking for a rider that is about 5’6”-5’10” who likes to zip around town with their stuff slung over their shoulder. Some riders like to call me squirrely, that means I’m agile; you’ll need to be on your toes to handle me . I am 2X’s ECO-Friendly: you’ll be keeping one bicycle out of the landfill and keeping another from being manufactured! But the only true way to know if we are right for each other is to spend some time together...Let’s go for a ride!

I think it is the blue handle bar tape that makes me want to use the word "dashing" with this bike. A true 10 speed from the 80's.  A lot of new parts didn't change the original look or feel of this ride. It has very few birth marks or battle scars and the ride is smooth. The original 48-38 crankset up front and the drop bars, make it a snappy ride.  If you like to zip around town with a cool courier bag slung over your shoulder, this bicycle will get you to where you are going on time and in style.  A set of brushed aluminum fenders only increase the comfort and look of this dashing classic.

  • Steel frame 19" down tube: Ideally suited to someone 5'2" - 5'10" or 28-32" inseam
  • 10 Speed; Stem mounted indexed shifters
  • 27" wheels/tires
  • Includes blue swirl leopard print saddle cover
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