Bos Taurus Alba (Albino Longhorn cattle) - SOLD!


This specimen is a rare find amongst bicycle taxidermists.  Long horned bicycles are often found in more rural regions along trails and wooded areas and haven't been completely domesticated. What makes this specimen especially sought after is that it is an Albino!  Lacking any sign of pigment, this individual was difficult to spot in the snow. The only colour markings include a black logo branding in the nose leather from the NORCO ranch from which it must have escaped.  The breeders also embossed the entire anterior surface of the head with the ranch name.

Being in the bicycle restoration business there is no shortage of surplus parts. Bicycle taxidermy is a cool way to keep parts out of the landfill while showing off your paleo-bicycle coolness. A wonderful conversation piece that also speaks to your bicycling addiction and environmental consciousness.

  • made from up-cycled bicycle saddle and handlebars
  • mounted on a beautiful hardwood 5/8" thick plaque
  • measures 26.5" (67.5cm) across horns and 12" (30.5cm) top to bottom and 3.5" (9cm) deep
  • stained and polyurethaned for beauty and protection
  • new sturdy hardware used in mounting

The seat is NOS Norco swapped out for another model at the time of purchase.  The bars are from a mountain bicycle (factory) painted white with vinyl "grips" seized with white hemp twine.  The bar end plugs are vintage white plastic.

Note to Buyer: Bicycle taxidermy is created from used bicycle parts. Each piece is different.  Buyers should expect some small chips, scratches, tears and/or rust. Any significant damage to the parts will be noted in the description.  Pictures are reflective of the actual condition.