Bicycle Taxidermy - Water Buffalo (Bubalus bufalus) - Black Phase


The hide on this specimen was in a state of disrepair so it was removed to show the underlying skeletal remains. The anatomy of this skull reflects a more primitive design, namely the need for springy frontal bones. The horns are typical of this species and resemble steel in their hardness. This specimen appears to have been exposed to the elements for a substantial period after death and therefore exhibits a significant amount of oxidation on both skull and horns. A very handsome specimen nonetheless.

Being in the bicycle restoration business there is no shortage of surplus parts. Bicycle taxidermy is a cool way to keep parts out of the landfill while showing off your paleo-bicycle coolness. A wonderful conversation piece that also speaks to your bicycling addiction and environmental consciousness.

This taxidermy has a sprung saddle whose carriage was significantly rusted. The rust has been removed and the saddle cleaned but left in its "natural" state (i.e. not painted). The remaining paint is chipped in many places as seen in photographs.  The chrome steel bars also are rusted, pitting and peeling in several spots. Again the loose rust and chrome were removed but the bar was left as is. This gives the taxidermy much character. Mounted on a beautiful hardwood 5/8" thick plaque, it is stained and polyurethaned for beauty and protection. Measures 22.5" (57 cm) across horns and 12" (30.5cm) top to bottom and 6" (~15.25cm) deep. New sturdy hardware was used in mounting. The bar end plugs include one recycled wine cork and one spent 20 gauge shotgun shell; a FreeLander trademark.

Note to Buyer: Bicycle taxidermy is created from used bicycle parts. Each piece is different. Buyers should expect some small chips, scratches, tears and/or rust. Any significant damage to the parts will be noted in the description. Pictures are reflective of the actual condition.