Vintage Simplex SX810 Rear Derailleur


This Vintage Simplex SX810 Rear Derailleur is in great condition both cosmetically and mechanically. All parts are original and there is no damage. The Simplex (Peugeot?) name plate is missing. 

This derailleur model gets some criticism for the plastic bottom knuckle. A closely related model, the SJ810, was said to be "unreliable and changed gear particularly poorly".

Yet others have written: "Though I personally have little use for the quality of Simplex components, I must admit that one of the best shifting transmission[s] I have ever used was a Simplex offering.  One summer I commuted for roughly 4,500 miles on a Canadian made Peugeot Super Sport.  The bike sported a Simplex SX 810 rear derailleur, tagged with the Peugeot name.  I cannot recall ever missing a shift, with this set-up.  I cannot ever recall dropping a chain.  I can, however, remember thinking how well the transmission worked.  Why then would I dislike Simplex stuff?  Unfortunately, the look is cheap and unbecoming.  My opinion, of course."

I have zero experience with this derailleur.  I offer it here to anyone who is a fan of Simplex and may subscribe to the second opinion.

All of our vintage parts have been disassembled, cleaned, inspected, polished and reassembled with lubricants. They are ready to install.

  • Made in France
  • Inner Plate Markings: Brevete Simplex S.G.D.G Made in France
  • 5 Speed Friction
  • Chain 3/32"
  • Price: $29 CDN

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