Vintage Shimano Light Action SIS/Friction Shifters


Despite the mixed reviews I have read about these shifters I continue to like them very much.  I have a road bike with these shifters and find they shift crisp and precise. The right (RD) shifter has a "D-Ring" for changing between friction and SIS indexed modes.

An unusual feature of the Left (FD) shifter is the lack of a D-ring and the (false) option for a friction and indexed mode.  There is no friction factory intended mode; never was. The front indexing washer (attached to the shifter in picture) was removed to change this shifter to friction only.  This is better than the indexed mode was on this setup.  The washer can be reinstalled if desired. You can read more at the following links:


All of our vintage parts have been disassembled, cleaned, inspected and polished.  Friction (option) shifter are reassembled without lubricants.  They are ready to install.

  • Installation Location: Down tube (require centre shifter boss)
  • Right (RD): Friction/SIS Indexed 6 Speed
  • Left (FD): Set up for friction only (indexed washer included)
  • Price: $19

These shifter were designed to work with a Shimano Light Action Derailleur like the one listed here.