City Cruising Bar 2


Most off the rack bicycles from the past several decades have a straight mountain bike style handlebar.  Installing a City Cruiser style bar will increase your riding position comfort, by having the bars sweep back to meet you resulting in a more upright posture. If you already ride a vintage city bike and your current chrome steel bar needs replacing, this is a great choice.

Compared to our City Cruiser Bar 1, there is less of a rise (only 2.25" compare to 4.5"). The photos show the two bars together for comparison.  City Cruiser Bar 2 is the lower one in the photos.

  • Width: 520mm (~20.5") from grip to grip
  • Sweep: 220mm (~8.5") from front of grip to rear
  • Rise: 60mm (2.25") height from clamp to grip
  • Silver Alloy
  • Clamp Diameter: 25.4mm (1")