c. 1994 Trek 930 Single Track-Wowza! - SOLD!


A bicycle of this quality, in this condition, is a rare find!  It belonged to the daughter of a customer I restored a vintage CCM for...a nice bike too! This Trek is in pristine condition for being over 20 years old; likely because of it's quality parts and construction, and the care afforded it by the owner.

It is a 21 speed, grip shifting, steel framed, blue beauty. Although it has a suspension fork, the lightness of the Trek frame make it a very light bicycle. Shifting is smooth, precise and reliable.  This bicycle is equipped with Shimano STX drivetrain that offers a wide range of gearing for easy pedalling. The tires are semi-slick Tioga City-Slickers for smooth, quick rolling over any surface. We have added a rack for carrying your belongings, groceries or doubling you best friend (just kidding about the doubling...don't do that).

Like all our bicycles, this Trek has been completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned and tuned.  It is in great cosmetic and mechanical condition.

The Trek 930 is ideally suited for everyday riding, including on maintained trails (rails-to-trails). It will get you where you want to go quickly, with ease and in comfort. Think everyday commuting, going to markets and family and recreational group rides. The frame is 18"  (46 cm) and ideally suited for someone between 5'6"-5'10".

If you're considering purchasing a new bicycle from a large retail store, within the same budget ($399 tax incl.), you will be much happier and get much, much more value in purchasing a quality vintage bicycle such as this one.

And remember that buying a quality used bicycle is 2X’s ECO-Friendly: you’ll be keeping one bicycle out of the landfill and keeping another from being manufactured! Click here for Warranty Information