c. 1985 SuperCycle Medallist Series II Mixte

$299.00 $329.00

My Personal: Why I am right for you ;)

So what is a “mixte” you’re wondering? You’ll have to get to know me better first!  Don’t you think I look great for 31?  Okay I had some work done…a lot of work, like a completely new drive train (chain wheel, bottom bracket, derailleur, freewheel, shifter and chain), new tires, fenders, handle bars and grips, oh those grips! Not to mention my pedals, seat and brake levers. But here is what you don’t know.  I may look like a Sunday ride but I was built to be quick and agile. What is keeping me from tearing up the roads is my new low gearing. You and I can pedal up hills with ease and clip along together with the wind in our wheels.  You will never find another me. I am looking for someone to love me that is about 5’6”-5’10” who will spoil me with a rack and basket.  I am 2X’s ECO-Friendly: you’ll be keeping one bicycle out of the landfill and keeping another from being manufactured! You want to know what “mixte” means...Let’s go for a ride!

New Components Include:

  • 27 x 1 13/8 Tires
  • Brushed Aluminum Fenders
  • 7 Speed Shimano FreeWheel
  • Chain
  • Shimano BB-UN26 Bottom Bracket
  • Shimano Indexed Rear Derailleur
  • Pedals
  • Speed Wheel 36T
  • Saddle
  • City Handle Bar
  • FreeLander Black Leather Handle Bar Grips
  • Velo Orange Brake Levers
  • All new cables and housing