c. 1967 CCM Rambler

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My Personal: Why I am right for you ;)!

That’s right...1967. I was born during Canada’s centennial birthday year. I am an authentic CCM built in Weston, Ontario not like the CCM’s you find today. Although faded, my paint is the original “Mountie Red”. I have a new Shimano CB-E110 rear hub and chain, and my fenders and chain guard have been painted black in a hammered finish. I have a few dents in my left seat stay, but I am still road worthy. With no gears to change and a coaster brake, I am easy to get along with and require virtually no maintenance, just a little care. I am looking for someone about 5’8” who enjoys the simple things in a bicycle. I am 2X’s ECO-Friendly: you’ll be keeping one bicycle out of the landfill and keeping another from being manufactured! Interested?...Let’s go for a ride!

It was the patina of the faded red paint that first attracted me to this bicycle. The CCM Rambler (and its cousins: encore, apache, etc.) say "Canadian Bicycle" out loud!

The full, length chain guard and full front and rear fenders reflect the intended utility of this ride. The single speed coaster brake is joyfully simple to operate. You can almost envision a happy bicyclist speeding down a country lane to catch up with a friend. The abrupt curve at the rear of the top tube and swept back handlebars give this bicycle its classic silohuette.

The original single speed coaster brake hub has been replaced with a new Shimano CB-E110 and the rear wheel with new spokes.  The rims are original "Made in Canada" steel 26x1 3/8 (Canadian size) as are the tires. A new chain and FreeLander Bicycles leather handle bar grips in black match the repainted (hammered black) fenders and chain guard complete the restoration.  All you need is a basket and you're off to the beach!

  • Steel frame: 18" (down tube); suitable for someone 5'4"-5'10 or with ~30' inseam
  • One speed; Coaster brake
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