1985 ProTour 6 Speed


This 1985 ProTour 6 Speed with custom leather grips and cherry red paint, has cuteness to spare. But looks are just a small part of what this bicycle has to offer. I rode it to work and was truly impressed with the comfort and responsiveness of this bicycle.  It is a great bicycle for someone who wants to cruise around town and build a little fitness along the way.

My Personal: Why I am right for you ;)

I was rescued just before a final fall into a landfill dumpster; that makes me one lucky bicycle.  You can tell from my condition that my original owners took good care of me.  You may never have heard of me before but there are lots of little things about me to suggest I was well made.  I really like the city life at a gentle pace.  Take me to the market, school or to work and I’ll make sure you get there on time, yet nice and relaxed.  My 6 speed drive train is more than you need.  And once I am yours…I am yours alone.  I know others will look at me wishing I was theirs, but I will always be your loyal companion.  I have been completely restored and about 95% original.   I am 2X’s ECO-Friendly: you’ll be keeping one bicycle out of the landfill and keeping another from being manufactured! So now that we have been introduced…

Let’s go for a ride!