Up-Cycled Bicycle Taxidermy - Pronghorn


Being in the bicycle restoration business there is no shortage of surplus parts. Bicycle taxidermy is a cool way to keep parts out of the landfill while showing off your paleo-bicycle coolness. Excellent decor for restaurants, bars, bakeries, cottages and bike shops. A wonderful conversation piece that speaks to your bicycling addiction and environmental consciousness.

  • made from up-cycled bicycle saddle and handlebars
  • mounted on a beautiful hardwood 5/8" thick plaque (overall depth 4" (10cm))
  • measures 12" (~30.5cm) across horns and 16" (~40.5cm) tall
  • stained (Rosewood) and polyurethaned for beauty and protection
  • new sturdy hardware used in mounting
  • the Pronghorn has a cross-hatched vinyl saddle. The horns are made from up-cycled ten-speed extension brake levers.
  • there is one small tear in the right side of the saddle. This is not really noticeable unless you look for it

Note to Buyer: Bicycle taxidermy is created from used bicycle parts. Each piece is different. Buyers should expect some small chips, scratches, tears and/or rust. Any significant damage to the parts will be noted in the description. Pictures are reflective of the actual condition.