UpCycled Fishing Creel Bicycle Basket - SOLD!


The beauty and utility of fishing creels make them sought after for many reasons.  If not used for fishing, conversion to a bicycle basket seems a fitting tribute.  This creel measures 13.5" (34cm) Long x 7.5" (19cm) High x 5.5" (14cm) Wide. The hinges have been replaced with sewn leather bands and has been fitted with leather straps 7" (18cm) apart for securing to your handlebar. A separate leather carrying strap (40"/102cm) can be secured to the Handle bar straps when removed from bike to be carried over your shoulder.  All leather components are new.  The creel itself has been cleaned and lacquered but still shows its age. Creels are not suitable for all bicycles due to brake, shifter and cable placements.  Please check your bars and creel measurements to ensure a good fit before purchasing. Happy Fishing!