Reclaimed Wooden Box


Need something to put your stuff in that is not a milk crate (just for the record, I do like milk crates).  This may be it! A few knots and some hard knocks give it lots of character; even has a few insect trails where they made their home under the bark.  Made from 5/16 (8mm) sides and 5/8" (16mm) bottom in pine or spruce. Will fit most standard rear racks.carriers.

  • Measures about 20" (50cm) L x 13" (33cm) W x 6.5" (16.5cm) H
  • No clear markings except for a few faint numbers
  • Thinking it may have been used as a scale box to weigh goods (produce/fish?)
  • Three coats of tung oil to protect it from the elements
  • Oak braces: .5" (13mm) x1.5" (38mm); Distance between inner edge of braces is 6.25" (16cm)
  • Reinforced with .5" (12.5mm) x .75" (19mm) oak along the interior perimeter secured with brass screws
  • Stainless hardware: 6.75" (17cm) bolt spacing

Please inspect your rack against the measurements provided to ensure a good fit and to avoid disappointment; You may not want to return it once you have it.