Peterboro Large Ash Wood Bicycle Basket

$49.00 $59.00

This may be the best gift you could to yourself or someone who loves well made and practical things.  

Bicyclists immediately recognize the exceptional quality and durability of Peterboro Bicycle Baskets. Each one is hand-crafted from ash hardwood – the same wood used to make baseball bats. So the basket can handle a heavy load and take bumps on the road in stride. The two adjustable straps for attaching the basket to the handlebars are made from hefty 8-ounce shoulder leather, and the buckles are zinc coated to resist corrosion.

This popular basket has been hand-woven and is stained in one of four colours.  It has two adjustable leather straps on the back. This basket includes our Peterboro brass medallion and lifetime warranty. Measures: 14"LX10"WX9 1/2"H

Although a bicycle basket may not be immediately associated with Winter, these baskets also make a wonderful mitten and hat storage solution once winter rolls around.  Then when winter leaves and the mittens are put away, reattach it to your favourite bicycle!